GST prioritisation pyramid


The Falsegrip 'Prioritisation Pyramid' above will give you an indication of which classes you should prioritise most. Remember, building strength without mobility is a dead end and a sure route to injury in the long term. Stretch, Prehab, Kinstretch™ & GST Fundamentals classes should form the 'main course' of your training week until you have established a solid base of strength & mobility, with Foundations, Conditioning, Handstand & Rings classes being your 'dessert'

Ideally, you're consistently attending the same 4 (minimum) training sessions per week, selecting the classes that are most aligned with your goals.

Some of our class programs follow a progressive 12-week training cycle and may also have specific focuses for the duration of the cycle. These classes include Handstand, Foundations & Rings classes, which will also increase in intensity during this time, meaning Weeks 9-12 in the cycle will be tough!

Our 12 Week Training Cycle

Current Cycle | C 

Weeks 1-6: 01 JUL - 11 AUG 

Weeks 7-12: 12 AUG - 22 SEP

To help you put together the most effective training plan, please see below for more information on the specific focus for classes and which sessions are repeats during the week.



Reach your movement potential.

It’s not just about being flexible, and being flexible isn’t enough. Mobility is about being able to actively control your range of motion, which increases joint strength and improves athletic performance.

Classes: Hip Prehab | Shoulder Prehab | Spine Prehab



Get seriously strong.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, our gymnastics strength training program will sculpt and shape your entire body.

Classes: GST Fundamentals. Foundations. Conditioning.



Live an unrestricted life.

Stretching exercises not only feel damn good, they can reduce the risk of injury, alleviate tension in the body and improve your quality of life.

Classes: Stretch Upper Body, Stretch Lower Body. Stretch Full Body



Channel your inner gymnast.

Whether you want to relive your childhood tumbling days, experience the gymnastics rings or tick ‘how to do a handstand’ off the bucket list, our gymnastics skill classes are just the ticket

Classes: Handstands. Tumbling. Rings


Falsegrip Gymnastics Strength Training