We're in this for life.

A strong, fit and healthy body is a lifetime commitment. Our adult Gymnastics classes will help you build a body that will carry you through it all.


Valued at $270 - Save $220!

Valid for 14 days from your first visit.
Over 40 group training sessions per week.
Beginner, intermediate & advanced options.
Hands-on coaching. Expert trainers.

Where to start?

We recommend beginning with one of the following classes:

FULLprehab, HIPprehab, SHOULDERprehab
BASEstrong or BUILDstrong

Our friendly coaches will be there to welcome you and chat about which classes will help you achieve your goals.
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Adult Gymnastics Strength Training



Reach your movement potential.

Our ‘Prehab’ [ pre(vent) + (re)hab ] classes work to improve mobility across all areas of the body, seeking to close the gap between your active and passive ranges of motion, giving you more usable range of motion.

Classes: FULLprehab™, HIPprehab™, SHOULDERprehab™, KINSTRETCH™ 



Get seriously strong.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, our gymnastics strength training program will strengthen your entire body.

Classes: BASEstrong™, BUILDstrong™, SKILLstrong™



Live an unrestricted life.

Stretching exercises not only feel good, but they also reduce the risk of injury. Our classes are 60-minutes of pure, un-adulterated stretching to improve your flexibility and aid in your recovery.

Classes: FULLstretch™, LOWERstretch™, UPPERstretch™



Get your heart rate up & sweat!

Boost your metabolism with High-Intensity interval training, Muscle Endurance and build Core strength like never before. Get ready to sweat!

Classes: EndureCORE™, EndureHIIT™, EndureSTRONG™



Channel your inner gymnast.

Whether you want to relive your childhood tumbling days, experience the gymnastics rings or tick ‘how to do a handstand’ off the bucket list, our gymnastics skill classes are just the ticket.

Classes: TUMBLINGfoundations™, HANDSTANDfoundations™, HANDSTANDtech™, HANDSTANDx™, RINGSfoundations™, RINGStech™


Falsegrip. True fitness for life.