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About Falsegrip

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably started and stopped a number of different sports and workout styles over the years. Injuries, joint pain, plateaus and—let’s be honest—plain old boredom are among the list of reasons we usually hear from people looking for a change.

Gymnastics strength training is different. It works to reduce the risk of injury and build strength, mobility and flexibility throughout your entire body. This means it’s not just something you can enjoy now, but something you can continue for the rest of your life.

We offer adult gymnastics classes in Sydney for beginners right through to experienced athletes, so you’ll always find something that’s right for you. Our team of specialised coaches understand how to use exercise to rebuild your body from head to toe, with a focus on the health of your joints and connective tissues.

When you join Falsegrip, you’ll join a community of people who are driven to challenge their bodies and minds every time they visit our beautiful Northern Beaches studio, filled with unique gymnastics equipment you won’t often find in other gyms. It’s more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle change; a new approach to training that will transform the way you move, feel and live.

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