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"Just because it’s not a race doesn’t mean it’s not tough.
Just because it’s not timed or against an opponent,
doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself to your absolute limits.

You can’t qualify for anything. It’s not televised. You won’t be famous.
They don’t give out medals, trophies, prize money or endorsements.
There isn’t a final or a finish line or fans.

The journey is the destination and on that journey,

if you’re consistent over time, you’ll have the greatest reward of all:
a body that can literally do anything."

- Kurt Hanson | Falsegrip Member

What is Falsegrip?

Falsegrip Sydney

Located on Sydney's Northern Beaches, our facility is a beautiful light-filled studio, designed specifically for Gymnastics strength training, where you'll find equipment rarely found in conventional gyms, such as Stall Bars, Parallel Bars, Gymnastics Rings and a fully sprung Tumbling floor.


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Falsegrip Gymnastics Strength Training